About Teacher Training :-

Due to modernization and social progress along with sclentific and technological development the meaning & requirement of education has changed. Now it becomes the vhild centered basides the teacher or subject centered. It is hterefore felt that there is much need of proper trained teacher for growing children to have better systematic education and overall development.

This course is designed according to the requirement of mdern child oriented education. It gives complete knowledge about the students & the education systom. This course provides knowledge about society, environment science, physical education, primary health, child psychology, child care, helth & nutrition. It helps in making upa good teacher through the various theoretical as well as parctical approaches, it also introduces with the organization & administration of the school and gives the opportunity to run own institute or to serve as a teacher in any other school.

Thus, the teacher training shouls not be seen merely in terms of creatin gpositive attitude towards work and general increase in the skill base. among the students, but also as a strategy for giving a full package fo competence, required for getting wages and self employment to meet the man power need of various sectors.

This teacher training emphasis ont he overall development of a pupil teacher. This training provides

1) Leadership quality
2) Well acquainted with latest modern teachniques
3) Presentable personality.